A downloadable Art for Windows and macOS

Take a minute and walk through the minds of the anonymous. Here you can peer into the thoughts and desires of those without names.

Extrospect is a short game about observing and connecting with peoples most private thoughts. Move through a calming and tranquil space as you interact with orbs containing responses from hundreds of anonymous writers. Each orb holds a unique message from an anonymous writer. THESE RESPONSES ARE UNFILTERED AND UNCENSORED.  Most are written from the users most secret self, words that are typically not uttered in public. This is a game to show you that we aren't alone, that we all share a common emotion, be it pain, pleasure, confusion and more.


The game runs on Windows 10 and Mac


This game creates a mixed bag of emotions for me. I smile at the pleasant parts and cry when the heavy words hit. This short project has taught me a lot about the pain and pleasure many of us go through. We all need a chance to express are most inner thoughts and so I thought this was a good chance to express and visualise that.


W,A,S,D: Move the character

SHIFT: to run

SPACE BAR: to Jump

ESC: To exit the game




Created & Designed by: Zachary Croslow

Twitter: @ZacCroslow

Programming by: Lanz Jordan

Twitter @LanzJordan

Music by: JackWinn

Special thanks:
Lee Mingwei, creator of "Writing the Unspoken."

Brendan Keogh

The Twitter community

The Reddit Community

Erika Verkaaik, creator of the game "BEAUTIFUL"

And all my friends and family on Facebook


And a BIG THANK YOU to the anonymous users who took the time to write a response.
I Could not have made this without you all!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorZac's Games
Tagsanonymous, artgame, Colorful, Creative, love, Mystery, sad, Text based, Visualization, weird


Extrospect.zip 12 MB
Extrospect.Mac.app.zip 15 MB


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hi my butthole is hurting so bad rn

(1 edit)

"I'm ready to fall

So tired of it all

Down deep in a whole

Can't do it alone

I'm ready to climb

This mountain inside

Impossible heights

Say you'd all ways be my

White blood~

Circuling the right


Giving me your

White blood~

I need you right here with Me~"

White blood - Oh Wonder


How could you write something to put in an orb? If you can't I think that would be a good feature to add next to the "Use for educational purposes" message. a little button that you could click to write in an orb

Thank you Zac, 10 times better than scrolling through facebook on a good day

Thanks! No matter how many times I play this, it still tugs my heart strings

Very interesting.. You can find some sense of commonality in pretty much any thought or idea.. :)

posted to /r/artgames

Thanks for sharing :)